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A Look At Linux Hardware/Software Trends Over The Past Seven Years

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    The anomaly in 2012 appears due to a large PTS user(s) deploying a cluster of thousands of systems with PTS and having made their statistics available at that time online, which distorted the overall figures that year
    The reason to that is that you have used the average, i.e. the arithmetic mean.

    In my view you should republish the article, but then only use robust statistics like percentiles; the median is the 50 % percentile, P50 and possibly the best here.

    Popular choices include P01, P10, P25, P50, P75, P90, P99 together with the Min and Max if tabulated.


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      I'm most surprised that xfce is still nearly at its highest point, I 'assumed' that it would have been declining for several years in favor of more 'feature rich' DE's.
      Note: I know xfce still has its place and I do use it myself on an older machine.