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Switch wine tests to distro's version

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  • Switch wine tests to distro's version

    Right now with wine being compiled at runtime, this totally eliminates these tests being ran on a 64-bit system. The current ./configure && make depend && make will only work on native 32-bit OS's. I realize that you do this because you require 1.1.4 or greater and because many base distro's do not have that high of a version but most distro's do have a updated wine repository that they can draw from for the current version. Compiling wine also means that you have to install many build dependencies that otherwise would not be installed on the system. Because compiling wine on a 64-bit system to get a 32-bit binary requires on all kinds of dependencies and enviroment settings that vary from distro to distro it is a far better solution to use the distro's wine package then to compile it on your own. This would also allow for easy testing inbetween wine versions ie 1.1.4 vs 1.1.5 vs 1.1.6 vs 1.1.7 as all you would have to do is use your distro's package and select the version you want. This also allows wine tests to be ran with ease on 64-bit distros.

    Please switch these test to utilizing the distro's pre packaged version of wine.