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Futuremark launches PTS competitor

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  • Futuremark launches PTS competitor
    The Futuremark Testdriver allows users to set up, schedule and run benchmarks on any PC connected to the network as well as collect and store benchmark results in one central database. It supports PCMark 10, PCMark 8, 3DMark, 3DMark 11, and VRMark benchmarks as well as third-party benchmarks, applications, and system updates. One thing that will please reviewers and other hardware testers is that it has built-in reporting, charts and data export.
    That looks more than a bit like PTS.

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post That looks more than a bit like PTS.
    Interesting, first time I am hearing of it, but it's not even available for free let alone as open-source. And no Linux support either :P
    Michael Larabel


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      I wouldn't expect them to add support for OSes other than Windows in the forseeable future. Futuremark's main benchmarks, PCMark and 3DMark, don't run on either Linux or MacOS, and are clearly focused on Windows. PCMark does run on Android, but in a much less complete state than its Windows counterpart. 3DMark also runs on both Android and iOS, but again in a much less complete state than the Windows version. Testdriver sounds like it is mainly intended to automate Futuremark's own benchmarks, so they probably won't release a Linux (or MacOS) version unless they eventually decide to port one or both of their main benchmarks to Linux or MacOS.