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Newbie Questions on Phoronix and Phoromatic

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  • Newbie Questions on Phoronix and Phoromatic

    I've been running phoronix test suite through the phoromatic server for the past few weeks and I'm impressed so far. I'm running benchmarks on a Macbook Pro with Sierra from a phoromatic server installed on Ubuntu. After using the software, I have a few questions which I hope can be answered.

    1. How can I change a benchmark so it runs a set number of iteration instead of just once? Ideally, this number of iterations could be set when selecting the benchmark on the phoromatic GUI.
    2. Is there any documentation on how to create a simple benchmark? Have read everything in documentation section but this is missing.
    3. As soon as I add a new machine to a Test Schedule, it starts running old tests on the new machine. Is there any way to disable this?
    4. How can I change the time interval where the phoronix client checks if there are tasks waiting to be run?
    5. Is there any way to insert test results into a database and have charts displayed? Anything that can run out-of-the-box?