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  • Creation of new tests

    Hello, first time poster. I was wondering if anyone could point me to resources or documentation on how you take a source code file or executable and create a new test. I understand the basic structure of a test as found in the local test profile folder, but I have not been able to find resources that explain how the interacts with any source code or executable.


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    Unfortunately, documentation is admittedly lacking in this area due to resources. Have you looked at a basic test like say stream, c-ray, or so and start out modifying that? That's generally how I recommend it for newcomers to learn.
    Michael Larabel


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      No worries, I've been inspecting the implementation of the c-ray test. I think my biggest question is which of the test-profile files determines where the render time has been printed after the .c file has printed it into a file. I guess I'm just missing the connection between the output of the executable and Phoronix.

      Thanks for all your help!