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Phoronix Test Suite Brings Benchmarking To Mac OS X

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    You must change to the directory you extracted the test suite to and then run it from that folder i.e. from terminal it would look something like this:

    phoronix-test-suite Chilly$ ./phoronix-test-suite benchmark darwin
    to begin the benchmark.

    Just a few questions. Nexuiz runs poorly and I'm getting only 20fps average and I think I know why, because OpenGL 2.0 is disabled when the benchmark runs. Is setting OpenGL 2.0 against the Phoronix suite rules? if not how do I turn it on when my benchmark runs.



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      Looking at your results on line, your macpro is using OGL 2.0. I'm not quite sure as how you figure OGL is "disabling".


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        Originally posted by deanjo View Post
        Looking at your results on line, your macpro is using OGL 2.0. I'm not quite sure as how you figure OGL is "disabling".
        Probably should have been more specific, the OpenGL 2.0 Shaders (GLSL) provide a dramatic improvement during the benchmark. During the benchmark I hit the esc button, navigate to video, turn this option on and see a night/day improvement (from 20fps to around 100fps+). BTW UrbanTerror is running fine and so is X-Plane.


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          I think I answered my own question lol.

          AlienTrap has a heads up for Nexuiz on OS X about the OpenGL 2.0 Shaders not being saved when enabled by the user.


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            Originally posted by Exman View Post
            Thanx for that. Sorry, another noob question. Is this benchmark supposed to be run from Terminal as well?

            The installation went o.k, when I doubled clicked on "Phoronix-test-suite", Terminal returned this message:
            To run the Phoronix Test Suite locally you must first change directories to phoronix-test-suite/ or install the program using the install-sh script. For support visit:

            What's my next step?
            Yes you run from terminal.

            Just launch terminal, cd to the directory of phoronix-test-suite, and then run say ./phoronix-test-suite benchmark darwin.
            Michael Larabel


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              Well I ran the darwin suite, definitely some interesting results:

              Get plenty of errors so when I get the time I'll go through each test individually to see whats happening, but for now build-php always fails
              no matter what :P.


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                O.K I ran the bench suite, but is it normal for it to want to download all the software such as (375MN), (720MB) etc?


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                  Yes, it needs those files for the OpenGL benchmarks i.e. test your graphics card.


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                    O.K, thanx, now I know I'm on the righ track

                    It will take me long time to download all the packages. My ISP has throttled my net speed down to a wee bit faster than 56K dialup


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                      For the X-Plane bench is the plane supposed to just sit on the runway with a -PAUSED- sign flashing lol? or does it take off???