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Using Phoronix Test Suite on a "production" server

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  • Using Phoronix Test Suite on a "production" server

    Is it safe to run PTS without clobbering the system installed software or running into issues with for example already having Apache running? Do I have to stop Apache and anything else running that would get benchmarked, so that the PTS versions can run (due to port conflicts and such), or ... ? I'm actually going to test on a development server, not a truly live production machine, but ideally I want to avoid clobbering anything...

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    When you run PTS, you will see that it will use up your systems resources. The load will increase dramatically, so expect your services to suffer.

    Also take into account that every service running on your system during testing will distort the results. So the ideal test will run on a cleanly installed, 'vanilla' machine.