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Help with Phoronix and Phoromatic POC

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  • Help with Phoronix and Phoromatic POC

    Hi All,
    A bit of background. My team have been using Microsoft WAS server and Windows Assessments to measure performance on our software on windows platforms. We now need to move to testing performance on Linux and Mac. I discovered Phoronix and it seems to offer exactly what we need. I downloaded the software on Windows and tried to get a simple Phoromatic server working but failed. I'm under some time pressure and was wondering if there's a detailed list of steps I can follow to get this working.

    How to get the Phoromatic server working on windows?
    Connect it to a client
    How to get performance tests installed?
    How to run performance tests on remote client?
    Where to view test results?

    I have read through the documentation - is there a more detailed user manual available?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi aceishigh at the moment there isn't support for running the Phoromatic Server on Windows. For the majority part the code is portable, but there are a few areas that come to mind where there would need some changes for supporting Windows. At the moment the Windows support is basically provided as-is, but can be improved under commercial engagements. For now I would recommend you just trying the Phoromatic Server on Linux. From there it should be very easy to get going. It may also be possible to run the Phoromatic Server using the new Windows 10 "Bash on Windows" functionality, but I personally haven't tried running a Phoromatic Server there but I think it may work.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thanks Michael, very handy to know. I'll try running the server on a Linux box.