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Bug report : Bioshock benchmark results unreliable

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  • Bug report : Bioshock benchmark results unreliable


    I've noticed a problem with the way PTS benchmarks Bioshock.
    The script sets rendering quality through the -ForceCompatLevel option, but in my experience this option doesn't work at all. I tried running the game from steam with -ForceCompatLevel=7 and -ForceCompatLevel=2 and the results were exactly the same (as was the picture quality).

    Some data to back my claim that results are currently unreliable.
    In we see the 550ti has ~79fps on 1920x1080 ultra on Linux.
    In we see the same 550ti has 24fps on 1680x1050 ultra on Windows.
    On my 2700k/gtx 670 (oced to 1200/7000) I get 46 fps on 1920x1080 ultra on Linux by manually running the benchmark, which is similar to what penguin recordings got on a gtx 680 :
    These results are way lower than the 550ti's while the 670/680 are much more powerful cards.