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phoronix test suite and web proxy annoyance

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  • phoronix test suite and web proxy annoyance

    I have tried to set a proxy using "/usr/bin/phoronix-test-suite network-setup" but it hangs and eventually reports it can't download anything, and ONLY THEN asks me if I want to configure a web proxy. This is very annoying!!!

    Back story:

    I am trying to run PTS on a Red Hat Enterprise 7.2 server which is firewalled off from the internet and can only use a proxy.

    I have set http_proxy and https_proxy, and know it works because I can "wget" and the same for https:google.

    I downloaded 6.4.0 and installed it without problems using the proxy. I did have to install a load of packages to get it to run at all. I also installed vnserver just so I have a working GUI.

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