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My Beta Issues. 8/21/2008 (Not sure if this helps anyone...)

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  • My Beta Issues. 8/21/2008 (Not sure if this helps anyone...)

    I'm loving this test suite. I'm really loving the new ATI 8.8 drivers also... I want to see more crossfire action... and of course a LOT more result data.

    Here is a list of things I have come across in the latest beta version. Some of these might already be known some may be new. Hopefully I might reveal information that might be helpful.

    1. bonnie still fails when running the test-suite. (It was the size problem. I can't tell why it still has problems now since you now have the "memory * 2" calculation in the script.)

    2. The current file /usr/share/phoronix-test-suite/pts/test-suites/memory.xml also incluses the following: nexuiz, openarena, encode-mp3, mencoder, gnupg, openssl, and sqlite. (I'm sure it was a test. Oops.)

    3. Nexuiz locks up when it quits. It seems to run okay but when quitting it stops. If I go and run the application without using the scripts... when it quits it says something about: "Fake CD track 1 playing..." and does not continue.

    4. etqw-demo seg faults. (I'm not sure why... I've had it running before. I'll try to figure this one out.)

    5. lightsmark didn't run in the test suite but runs fine if run by hand. (I will retest that one some more.)

    6. Specviewperf9 seg faults. (I think this is a new ATI driver issue that is already known about???)

    7. Specviewperf10 will start 4 windows and then not doing anything. This is still happening. (I think it is a quad cpu issue?)

    8. Tremulous somehow does not get installed correctly anymore.

    9. In the file /usr/share/phoronix-test-suite/pts/test-suites/opengl-workstation.xml the specviewperf9 routines for the ensight and proe have "-3" and "-4" added to these argument names. This will cause these routines to not work. The Arguments should be "ensight" and "proe". This worked with the old ATI drivers... but as I mention above this application now dumps.

    Anyway... I'm at work so I can't test any more at the moment. But I'm willing to jump in and help in any way I can.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Not sure about that, seems to run here.

    2. It got fixed in git yesterday.

    3. Problem with Nexuiz at times

    4. ATI Driver issue

    5. Not sure, what resolution you running at?

    6. Driver issue

    7. Not sure, driver issues maybe

    8. Might be fixed in git

    9. Thanks, fixed in git now.
    Michael Larabel


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      BTW: Just a quick update Michael just to let you know things are going well:

      Bonnie IS fixed. (I had run out of room on my 40Gb Phoronix partition. Oops.)

      Nexuiz is just messed up. It is probably the driver. Using the non glx version works. (Although slower.)

      Tremulous installs and works well again.

      Specviewperf10 didn't work with the older drivers or this newer driver. It appears to be more than a driver issue. (Others have seen this same problem; This benchmark doesn't appear to like quads.)

      ANYWAY: things are looking good. I will check out the newest GIT. (And I'll check out some of the applications that aren't in the universe to make sure they're happy on my system also.)

      I definitely need fixed ATI drivers. I can go back to 8.7 to fix some things but that version is VERY slow on many things and they also don't allow Crossfire in Linux. (I'm sure 8.9 will be much better for Crossfire in Linux. I hope.)

      Anyway thanks for the hard work!