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Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 2

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  • Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 2

    We're pleased to announce today the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 2. While it's coming just two weeks after the first beta, the change-log for this new test release is quite lengthy. There are many updates to pts-core as well as to many of the test profiles and modules. We would ask that everyone please test out this release and report back with their results. Beta 2 was tagged on Monday and we already have a few changes in the git repository for the next release. We're planning a third and final beta for early next week.

    Source .tar.gz Download:
    Debian Package:

    Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 2
    August 20, 2008

    - pts-core: Add an OR structure for PTS External Dependency FileCheck tag
    - pts-core: Print out the external dependencies that will be installed prior to running the script
    - pts-core: Add dynamic option building support to tests running in batch mode
    - pts-core: Don't auto-load PTS modules if PTS_IGNORE_MODULES environmental variable is set
    - pts-core: Few PTS module architecture updates
    - pts-core: Add test-module and debug-module options for running through all module function calls for testing their functionality
    - pts-core: pts_module_set_environment_variable() to pts_set_environment_variable()
    - pts-core: Improve "Total Estimated Download Size" text
    - pts-core: Add ATI OverDrive support for reading thermal and clock information
    - pts-core: Fix for xrandr_available_modes() parsing on X.Org 7.1
    - pts-core: Add detection support for number of monitors enabled. Test profiles can access this using $VIDEO_MONITOR_COUNT variable
    - pts-core: Add a hard-coded AMDPCSDB (AMD Persistent Configuration Store Data-Base) parser for fglrx driver when aticonfig fails
    - pts-core: Add in infrastructure for detecting multi-monitor support. Set $VIDEO_MONITOR_COUNT for number of monitors, $VIDEO_MONITOR_LAYOUT for the physical layout of multiple monitors, and $VIDEO_MONITOR_SIZES for the resolution of each monitor in a multi-monitor configuration.
    - pts-core: Add support for reading xdpyinfo XINERAMA monitor information using read_xpdy_monitor_info()
    - pts-core: Improve system voltage detection through LM_Sensors
    - pts-core: Add ATI CrossFire detection support
    - pts-core: Add NVIDIA SLI detection support
    - pts-core: Improve Video RAM detection when parsing X log
    - pts-core: Improve GPU string detection for open-source drivers
    - pts-core: After first call, cache pts_env_variables()
    - pts-core: NUM_CPU_JOBS now equals NUM_CPU_CORES * 2
    - pts-core: Fix similar attributes text in analyze option
    - pts-core: Don't report Software Rasterizer in graphics string
    - pts-core: PTS Results Viewer improvements and graphing fixes
    - pts-core: If DISPLAY environmental variable not set, don't run tests of Graphics type
    - pts-core: If NO_<TEST TYPE>_TESTS environmental variable is set and matches the type of test of test currently running, skip the test(s) that match the variable(s)
    - pts-core: For LM_Sensors parsing with read_sensors() support an array as an argument for multiple possible values
    - pts-core: Idle for one second between interim test runs
    - pts-core: Check against error when using the aticonfig-based AMDPCSDB parser with read_amd_pcsdb() call
    - pts-core: Add validation to see if Global ID string format is valid before querying server, and functionize some of the code
    - pts-core: If TEST_RESULTS_NAME environmental variable set, use that value instead of prompting for save name
    - pts-core: If TEST_RESULTS_IDENTIFIER environmental variable set, use that value instead of prompting for the results identifier when saving a test
    - pts: Update gentoo-packages.xml with Nils Kneuper changes
    - pts: Improved sensor detection for compliance-sensors test
    - pts: Update download links for text file on espeak test
    - pts: Update Tremulous download file for tremulous test profile
    - pts: Fixes for synaptic in
    - pts: Upgrade Bonnie++ to 1.03d in bonnie test profile
    - pts: Have doom3 support installing the key if it's stored locally in the download-cache
    - pts: In encode-mp3 test profile upgrade to LAME 3.98
    - pts: Upgrade iozone test profile to IOzone 3.308
    - pts: Upgrade openssl test profile to OpenSSL 0.9.8h
    - pts: Fix ut2004-demo benchmark log parsing after $HOME change in pts-core
    - pts: Upgrade openarena test profile to OpenArena 0.8.0
    - pts: Upgrade sqlite test profile to SQLite 3.6.1
    - pts: Fix warsow test profile after $HOME change in pts-core
    - pts: Add single and double precision support to md-gromacs test profile
    - pts: Update molecular-dynamics test suite with new md-gromacs options
    - pts: PTS Global being renamed to Phoronix Global
    - pts: Have quake4 support for installing the key if it's stored locally in the download-cache
    - pts: No symlink doom3 file
    - pts: No symlink quake4 file
    - pts: Add Java OpenGL compliance test named jgfxbat test profile (Thanks to Sun Microsystems)
    - pts: Add fio test profile to disk test suite
    - pts: Improve the generic installer (install-sh)
    - pts: Add more tests to memory test suite
    - pts: Add x-testing suite for synthetic X tests
    - pts: Add unigine-sanctuary test profile for Unigine Engine (Thanks to Unigine Corp)
    - pts: Switch graphics suites to using $VIDEO_WIDTH and $VIDEO_HEIGHT instead of fixed size
    - pts_LineGraph: Fix regression that caused the line not to be plotted
    - system_monitor: When reading +3.3V, poll V3_POWER not BATTERY_POWER (noted by Marox)
    - system_monitor: Poll sensors every 10 seconds

    Michael Larabel