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    We're about two weeks out from releasing Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 "Malvik", but there are three new test profiles worth nothing:

    - unigine-sanctuary: The folks at Unigine Corp have worked with us on developing a benchmarking mode that demonstrates the capabilities of their graphics engine. This OpenGL test is quite impressive and definitely worth checking out!

    - j2dbench & jgfxbat: Two engineers at Sun Microsystems have been kindly working on some Java test profiles for the Phoronix Test Suite. The j2dbench and jgfxbat tests are two OpenGL tests from their test harness. jgfxbat is a basic Java basic compliance test while the other is their Java 2D benchmark with vector graphics and text rendering tests, etc.

    Currently in git we are up to 71 test profiles and 34 test suites.

    Michael Larabel

    ( From the mailing list: )
    Michael Larabel

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    This is good to know
    Otherwise, would probably not launch tests that "do not speak" to me.