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  • doom3-demo question

    Michael (or anyone else for that matter), have you ever been able to get the doom3-demo to run a timedemo?

    I've been trying now for about an hour and can't get it to work (after fixing bits of brokenness in the profile). Looking around the internet it seems that the demo doesn't actually support running timedemos. This seems to be the case as I can record one fine, but can't play it back even if I try to do so without quitting the game first.

    It looks like the doom3-demo might need to be removed from pts unless someone has managed to get it to work.

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    Well I did not get this working too, I only updated the URL, but it seems there would be a demo update needed to let it work.


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      I have spent minimal time on doom3-demo, since the demo version doesn't ship with demo1 (or any other stock demo) and right now PTS server is already running into bandwidth issues.
      Michael Larabel


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        Well the playDemo command does not seem to work. It does not find any demo.


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          Yeah, that's what I found. timeDemo and playDemo can't find the demo files. You can record one, and it gets saved to the correct location, but even if you try and play it back right away (i.e. don't quit after recording the demo) it still doesn't work.