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  • Sorting Performance on PTS Website

    Hey Michael,

    great en devour with this test package, a long time needed, and just in time when I got new computer.

    I was wondering, how about sorting results based on the test you are interested -> speed (fastest-to-lowest), CPU, distribution, etc, on your PTS results database.

    Ex: My superpi 20 (1 million) score is 10.109. What if I want to compare and see where my pc stands against the other tested systems.

    Also, how about an Overall score based on universe test, which also can be sorted.

    Hope you understand what I mean.

    BTW, how do I run tests 2-n times, for example every test is run 3 times, and not just one, to have better performance indication, and is reflected in one graph of that particular test - test 1 cloumn next to test 2 next to test 3?
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    Global PTS will have the above-mentioned features in the near future.
    Michael Larabel


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      Tnx for your reply .... looking forward for this feature.

      How about my last question, how to run tests several times before it does next test, or it is also a future feature.


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        Right now you just need to manually run it multiple times, but it could be a future feature. For tests that right now run multiple times, everything but the average is thrown out.
        Michael Larabel