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run Phoronix Suite from Network drive?

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  • run Phoronix Suite from Network drive?

    I am in a locked down environment, with no internet access.
    I have several hosts mostly VMs that are running SUSE Linux.
    I need to test the infrastructure which means:
    1. Single Core and Multi Core CPU tests
    2. RAM performance tests
    3. Storage tests (IOPS, ms response time and MB/sec for read and write)

    I do not care about graphics since these are servers and may not even have a GUI installed.

    The other problem I have is that these OS images are locked down and I can't easily install anything. I was hoping to be able to run the test suite from a network drive with command lines. This way nothing is really installed on the host itself. I am not sure of the dependencies that are needed for each test.

    IF this is not possible then how can I install what is needed run the tests and uninstall it ensuring that nothing is left behind?
    The goal is to measure basic performance and when this VM is moved to another cluster run the exact same tests and compare results.

    All hosts have anywhere from 8 to 24 cores and from 2GB to 64GB of RAM all connected to a fiber storage array from EMC.


    I hope we can find a way to make this non-impacting test work!