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Seeking Feedback On Better Visualizing Benchmark Results

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    Performance profiles

    Performance profiles [1] can compress a huge amount of tests into a single chart with one staircase curve per test subject. It is the de facto standard in optimization benchmarks, where hundreds of tests are performed on a few test subjects. The phoronix tests are clearly different in nature, but familiarizing yourselves with this type of chart might just come in handy some day..



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      - round the numbers in the bar graphs (but take account of the exact values for drawing the bars), bolden the numbers in the bar graphs,
      - when something is “less is better”, show it in dark red instead of dark blue,
      - dark green bars by default would be more fitting on Phoronix.


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        Originally posted by siavashserver
        This one is easy (requires jQuery 2). Try this JSFiddle:

        When you move your mouse over a box, irrelevant line graphs opacity will be greatly reduced. This will make line graphs easier to see for color blind folks too.
        That is a cool improvement! I'd suggest three changes:
        1. Shorten the animation times: 0.2 seconds for transition to near transparancy and 0.1 to opaqueness gives way quicker feedback.
        2. Also make other lines opaque when moving over the text associated with a box. This would probably require changing the SVG to add ids to the text.
        3. Also make the Average, Peak and Low values opaque, as these are also colored.


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          Note that GitHub supports Markdown syntax, so you can have a file with headers and such.

          As a PHP programmer, you should read the style guide.


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            Originally posted by riklaunim View Post
            Sometimes the CPU load would be essential too, especially on poorer graphics drivers. Like a video on YT is playable or game has some FPS but a lot of work is being dumped on the CPU instead of GPU. The blue FPS bar graph could have a second bar in the background with average CPU load (with high opacity) and/or CPU load timeline below FPS timeline.
            PTS already has CPU usage (and various other forms of usage) that can be monitored and charted separately by setting the MONITOR=all environment variable.
            Michael Larabel


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              Originally posted by siavashserver
              @Michael Do you accept small code contributions through JSFiddles?
              Not familiar with JSFiddles....
              Michael Larabel


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                Originally posted by siavashserver
                I was wondering if you are OK with sharing required changes through paste-bin like websites. I'll try to come up with a pull request on your github repo.

                By the way what do you think about something like this?

                Thanks for the feed back! Yep we need to inject some kind of IDs into the generated SVG line graphs, which makes the JavaScript side easier too.
                GitHub is probably the best.

                Changes look nice.

                It should be fairly easy to add some ids to the code.
                Michael Larabel


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                  Here's the latest box plot code with the ends of the whiskers going to 2nd and 98th percentiles and then drawing outliers....

                  Michael Larabel


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                    Originally posted by Michael View Post
                    Here's the latest box plot code with the ends of the whiskers going to 2nd and 98th percentiles and then drawing outliers....
                    That looks fantastic.


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                      Fiddle on

                      very nice hover graph, a missed feature for that relay packed graphs on phoronix.
                      I would prefer them:
                      -without Animation (as they get annoying if I see them the second time especial if they take 2 seconds)
                      -larger Hitbox

                      A nice feature to add would be a click to hold one graph and hover a second one or click to select displayed (not dimmed) graphs
                      to make comparison easy

                      look at this (removed the animation and added the click to hold)

                      I also applied the properties to the ellipses (as siavashserver seem to have intended) but they don't share the index (so the wrong ellipse is being displayed).