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  • Having trouble signing up with

    I don't know if this is the rigth place to ask, but I can't seem to sign up with

    I went through the first registration process, got the e-mail with the activation link, clicked the link, entered my username/password and I got an error saying "Incorrect user-name or password. If you forgot your password, fill out the form below and a password reset link will be emailed to you."

    I figured I might have mistyped my password when I registered, so I tried to use the password reset option. I got the e-mail, but when I tried to use the password-reset link in there, it said I needed to fully register first.

    Still assuming that I'd mistyped my password when I registered, I tried creating another user and was very careful with my typing, but I have the same problem there, so this seems to be a problem with OpenBenchmarking moreso than with my typing

    Can anyone help me get set up? The username I used for signing up is "soren" (without the quotes, obviously).

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    What username did you use?
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by Michael View Post
      What username did you use?
      "soren" (without the quotes, obviously)


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        Should be fixed now after having manually activated your account.
        Michael Larabel


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          I have the same problem. I already tried many times to log in after activating my account and can't log in and reset password still wants to activate the account. I have registered more e-mail addresses but everytime I have the same problem. Can you please activate accounts "foxkyong" and "foxkyong01"? If it is possible in a profile I will delete one account then. The other accounts I tried a few year ago so I don't remeber which names or e-mail addresses I used.
          So I suppose that the problem should have more users if I had the same problem over several years.


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            Hi Michael,

            I have been trying to create an account on with no success.

            The problem is when its states a confirmation email has been sent but i don't receive one.

            can you Help with creating an account for me called: "SAT098" or "Stewark"



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              I am also having the same problems. I can't activate my account without logging in, and I can't login without avtivating my account. can Michael activate my account as well. the username is neoshock


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                Michael Could you please manually activate my account it is not possible to activate it with the link. I have tryed many different browsers and also tryed making another account. My username is: ahautaoja