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PTS IOZone Testing wrong device?

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  • PTS IOZone Testing wrong device?

    I'm trying to test the perf differences between different HP Raid controllers

    When I view the results however it's reporting the wrong device

    I've set the <EnvironmentDirectory> to /mnt/areca3/PTS
    the <CacheDirectory> to /mnt/areca3/PTS/download-cache
    and the <ResultsDirectory>/mnt/areca3/PTS/results

    with and with out trailing /

    The three folders appear in the device under test, but the web page reports the device under test was a single drive not the raid array.

    Is this a bug in the test or did I fail to properly edit the user-config.xml file in the root folder

    fyi: I login to my user account, open a terminal window then su before running PTS, vers 4.6.1 on Linux Mint 15 x64

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    This is a bug in the PTS profile. It requires passing the argument "-f" followed by a path to a file. Thus, ideally, it would always have "-f $EnvironmentDirectory/benchmark.tmp" or something of the likes.

    Would be nice if this was fixed.