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Apache Benchmark: 32 vs 64

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  • Apache Benchmark: 32 vs 64

    This test result shows that 32 bit Ubuntu is better for static web page serving through Apache:

    (Look at bottom of the pages)

    But this one shows 64 bit is better:

    What's the cause of different results? Is it 1GB and 4GB RAMs?

    Also, won't 64 bit take more space in CPU's cache and thus decrease the web-page serving performance?

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    It can't be because of RAM because in the second link (the 4GB, year 2009) the 32-bit PAE is having the same performance as 32-bit non-PAE.

    I found another test done in 2012:

    In 2012,the difference is not large and 64-bit is giving better performance than 32, and 32-PAE is giving slightly better than 64.

    Why / How ?

    I'm thinking all this because I want to understand 32 bit vs 64 bit, because I've to choose that whether my next OS should be 32-PAE or 64.