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Test suites that need an option value

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  • Test suites that need an option value

    Hi. I wanted to know if there was a way to specify arbitrary user supplied options for test-suites which is currently available with test-profiles (using PTS 4.2.0).

    With test-profiles it appears if one does not create Option/Menu and simply specifies an Identifier and DisplayName, phoronix-test-suite will ask the user for input. I've developed a custom test that for testing networking that requires typing in an IP address. I am able to run different versions of the test multiple times using the "Test All" setup when menu entries are filled out and do not match the "auto"-identifiers. However, I've played around with test-suites and it seems there is no code in the parser that allows for an option such as the IP address to be designated to every single test.

    Is there a way to implement this? Alternatively is there a way to simply get the test-suite to execute all of the Execute tags one by one with the prompts that would normally come up. I could easily write an answer file and then pipe it in.