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    I am a regular user who just bought a new machine and wanted to check its performances. I was told to install phoronix-test-suite. I was then asked by the software whether I wanted to upload anonymous information to whatever site. The question came twice. I answered no both times. Then came the test part. It was quite a long test (a few minutes), and it wasn't clear whether the test was taking place or not, so I pressed 'return' a few times to see if the console was still responsive. That was a mistake. Apparently, when the test was finished, a few other questions popped up, one of which was "Would you like to upload these results to (Y/n):", and pressing return earlier answered 'yes' for me, without my consent.

    I'd now like the uploaded result removed, as I find this highly intrusive and I feel violated. I don't want that, I just wanted to test my new system.

    If that's possible, please tell me what's the procedure to get it done.

    Thank you very much in advance.