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[REQUEST/IDEA] PTS Universal Performance Index for CPU, to attract more hits

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  • [REQUEST/IDEA] PTS Universal Performance Index for CPU, to attract more hits

    I for the one, was in search for a good CPU.
    For this, I would need to know an average CPU performance.
    Not vs-vs, but actual list how CPU compares overall to other CPUs.

    This is something many people do when they buy hardware.
    Of course, this does not mean to represent the details, but rather overall performance for generic tasks.
    Its meant to allow quick decision to buy, not to buy.

    How about throwing three-four single core, three-four multi core and two-three memory bandwith tests, and get a three-four digit value, higher-better, which would present this CPU average performance index.
    When make a table at openbenchmarking org, with ability to browse this list and sort it - name, higher performance, lower performance and eventually current market price as link for shopping.

    Also, as there is a lot of tests already, the table should actually be already possible.

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    The heatmap kinda does that - shows you how this cpu compares to all other cpus. Not in a list though.


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      Hello! No, thats not what I am seeking.. :/

      Currently one can compare one performance to another, but not one to many.

      I track one very interesting project right now, that compares one CPU to other in single and multithread test, and featurewise - and says who wins and then offers something alternative.

      And another, well known project, that just displays a list with unified cpu scores.

      But they both rely either on self-testing, or on others reviews; while PTS is unique that it can use generated data make index and to very precisely compare the CPUs.

      Well,... just suggesting.


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        I've been working on a feature along these lines to generate a composite number, albeit my time is so limited and being the main PTS contributor, haven't gotten around to finishing it up yet :/ Hopefully in the months ahead.
        Michael Larabel


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          Thanks for response! I will send you two similar sites as PM. Thank you!

          cant send PM, .. your box is full :&
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