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Enhancing BSD Benchmarking With 4.4-Forsand

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  • Enhancing BSD Benchmarking With 4.4-Forsand

    Phoronix: Enhancing BSD Benchmarking With 4.4-Forsand

    New features and other enhancements for the performance benchmarking of *BSD operating systems have been committed with the forthcoming release of Forsand...

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    Waste of time porting software to an irrelavent OS

    BSD is irrelevant

    I really don't know why phoronix test suite supports BSD when almost no one uses a pathetic and obsolete OS (Seriously, I can barely BSD an OS). Those using it should be using it. And annoying trolling BSD fans would not use it cause they know it just shows BSD is a shit hole in everything.

    Just take a look at the comments at foolBSD forums:

    Originally posted by honk
    I think this phoronix benchmarks linked here are completely meaningless. It's like trying to impress a little girl with statements like " penis gets hard in 5.123 seconds instead of 5.789 second but only when the sun shines in Paris and I have Angelina Jolie as desktop background..."


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      My posts are blocked? WTF did I did wrong?