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PTS bug: excessive resolutions not blocked when comparing

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  • PTS bug: excessive resolutions not blocked when comparing

    Hello, found a bug.

    If I start comparison to existing graphical test, all resolutions will be compared, regardless if my system supports them or not.
    This results in weird behaviour. For example - on 1920x1080, Warsow runs in a 800x600 window, but counts result as 1920x1200.

    Normally, PTS disables any resolutions that are not available, but this approach is not fixed.
    This can result in incorrect result values on similar systems.

    I will upload a sample to PTS soon.

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    Can't edit first post sadly. THE BUG IS NOT DRAMATIC, its actually minor.
    1) An "exploit" to kick-start a benchmark at higher-than-allowed-by-display works. One just compares the result to existing one.
    2) Most games seem however to report good results.
    3) Some games have glitches.
    Smokin Guns runs in a window (surprisingly, result seems still to fall within predictable range)
    Warsow runs in a window..

    Thank you!