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  • Is There a Test Archive?

    I'm running older server hardware, with newer, but not the latest software, and I'd like to run the same test as the results I find on OpenBenchmark, or in the past articles I've read. I find that Downloading PTS and the tests, that the test themselves are newer versions, which makes sense, as most benchmarks are run on the latest hardware, and or software. I've looked around but didn't find a repository of older test versions , so that I can at least use that same version test, and feel that there is one less variable in the mix.

    I searched the forums but didn't find references to this subject, did I miss something.

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    If you pass the ID to the phoronix-test-suite benchmark/install/run command it will use whatever version of each test profile was found in that test profile... It matches the versions correctly on comparisons.

    If you're installing it manually, append the test profile version to the end of the identifier... i.e. openarena will default to the latest version available (currently openarena-1.5.0) but if you do: phoronix-test-suite benchmark openarena-1.4.0 it will use the old version. On the test profile pages it has a revision history with the version numbers.
    Michael Larabel