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  • SOLUTION: MD5 Failed

    Hello again! So I've been bothered with the MD5 message for practically every single test I try to install, and it really started to get on my nerves that I could not run half the tests I wanted to due to this. I know it is there for good reason..but it began to become a nuisance as it was hindering my ability to benchmark my computer. Anyway, I have a solution for anyone else who wants to disable the MD5 check.

    Open up your favorite text editor and edit:


    Look for a line (Line 500 as of now):

    public static function validate_md5_download_file($filename, $verified_md5)

    This is the beginning of the function that verifies the MD5. At the very end of this function you will see a line that reads:

    return $valid;

    This should be on line 543. Change this line to...

    return true;

    Now the MD5 will always return valid! No more MD5 failed errors! You're welcome.
    Last edited by jleg094; 30 December 2011, 01:16 AM.

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    Or just setting NO_MD5_CHECKS=1 as environmental variable should also work
    Michael Larabel


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      Oh man are you serious! I actually tried "NO_MD5_CHECKS" as a command line argument prior and nothing happened...I didn't know you needed the =1. Thanks I'll try that haha. They should have said something in the man page!
      Last edited by jleg094; 30 December 2011, 04:56 PM.