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openbenchmarking lacking feature

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  • openbenchmarking lacking feature

    Ok dunno if it's right place to ask so apologies if not

    Biggest missing feature is filtering result for instance:
    selecting hw, then selecting test profile or/and test suite, or/and software (kernel|distribution|...)

    I just don't care about test result name as people enter what ever they like. I want to be able to do:
    show me test with : 4G ram this specific cpu this specific gpu and about this list of test (x264, compilation, ...) on this distribution or kernel

    As you will likely have several result matching a filter, another killer feature would be averaging over this set and showing average + stdev.

    Then final usefull feature is to compare averaged result btw different filter.

    All my clicking on benchmarking seemed to show that this was missing. Right now is just a pain to go through results.

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    Agreed. This would be a killer feature. Firstly, and most importantly, being able to search for results for a specific test profile on specific hardware. For example, results for the GZip benchmark on an AMD E-350 CPU.

    Secondly, being able to average results for a given hardware component, eg. the AMD E-350 CPU again, to see how much these results vary with different parameters: clock speed, RAM, etc.