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Crowd-Sourcing System Requirements For Free Software

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  • Crowd-Sourcing System Requirements For Free Software

    Phoronix: Crowd-Sourcing System Requirements For Free Software

    When purchasing commercial software for Windows and Mac OS X you are almost always presented with the system requirements for the software and what the vendor recommends for an optimal experience. When dealing with open-source / Linux software, this is rarely the case. It's far less common to see free software projects that will list their recommended hardware/software configurations, even though in the case of computational and/or graphical intense free software, the recommended system hardware requirements are just as important...

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    In fact, with such software the system requirements are arguably even more important than for Windows due to the vast number of software/hardware combinations that are possible with an open-source operating system
    Umm... some websites allow visitors to send notiifications if they find errors in articles. Perhaps phoronix could have the same functionality.