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Burn in test, best option?

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  • Burn in test, best option?

    so i was recently given a few dell 1950s and 2950s in various states of disrepair. some had firmware dating back 5 years as an example.

    So I now have these all patched up and would like to put an extreme load on them for 24 hours or so. I don't care about pretty graphs as I have them all setup in zenoss already.

    So in your opinion what is my best option to put an extreme load on all parts of the system? High IO, heavy ram use, heavy cpu use for at least 24 hours, thats my goal. I've been running the linux-system test but its too manual and certainly doesn't last for 24 hours which has me watching and restarting the tests across multiple machines. Kind of annoying.

    thanks for the help.