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Autonomously Generating An Ideal Kernel Configuration

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
    Gentoo VS save time

    if i use Gentoo my time is 'burn'
    wrong. Gentoo saves time because you can automate as much as everything.


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      Originally posted by not.sure View Post
      That's what I was thinking of when I read the headline. That would actually be quite interesting, and would serve both kernel performance and security.
      there have been many times where people announced something like that on lkml - and vanished. Because it is fucking hard to do.


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        Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
        Be sure to accumulate this information into your tests aswell.
        wow, a badly made website full of errors and a lot of stupid stuff. Refresh rate of 70? On a crt this means headaches and on a tft it does not buy you anything. PCI cycles max - another stupid thing to do. Oh great... I don't even want to know about his 'timer tweak'. I suspect something stupid.

        *facepalm* disable flipping *facepalm*


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          Hello everybody,

          I was wondering if this module ever made it into phoronix-test-suite.
          If so, can anyone tell me how this module is called?

          Greetings Psycho Game