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What if I don't know what I'm doing (which tests to use?)

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  • What if I don't know what I'm doing (which tests to use?)

    I've just bought a new motherboard et al., and before I take apart the old system, I'd like to do some benchmarks so I can compare the new system to the old.

    The test suite looks great and the documentation on how to install and use it is very clear. But I can't find any advice on which tests to use. It appears that everyone knows what they're doing with this thing except me.

    I foolishly just tried to "install all" before realising what a monster that was. Is there any recommended list of tests to use? I want to assess the performance of my processor, both in single core tests and using its multiple cores. I especially want to measure the impact of the upgraded memory somehow.

    Suggestions for someone who isn't familiar with which tests are best?

    Many thanks for any help, even if just a link to somewhere and a comment saying "read this, idiot".


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    Ah, turns out I am indeed an idiot. I've just checked out Phoronix Global and it has a popular tests chart. This is probably a good guide.

    Sorry for the bother,