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Compile tests with phoronix test suite v2.4.1 on Gentoo

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  • Compile tests with phoronix test suite v2.4.1 on Gentoo

    I installed 2.4.1 test suite yesterday and ran a test:

    As you see, all the compilation tests didn't work (as well as vdrift). It definately did something, but then ended up with 0 seconds average and no result.

    The same happens on ext4 hd and tmpfs ram.

    Another strange thing, I saw yesterday. While doing the build-linux-kernel test, it jumped one minute into the future. It said e.g. "starting at 23:28:30" but it was still 23:27:00 In the end I didn't get a result again, tested ext4 hd and tmpfs.

    Here is a test I ran yesterday with compilation, that actual gave a result:

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    2.4.1 is the version

    I looked into the scripts:
    the compilebench just measures the HD or FS speed

    in the build scripts, the compile process itself is successfully
    I can manually reproduce each step (tested to build httpd)

    Must be a timer problem then?


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      You might want to try asking on the Gentoo forums about this. The people there know more about Gentoo than anyone else.


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        Because this here is an Ubuntu forum? Just kidding

        v2.2.0 works fine, I will see if I can figure out the differences between the versions and let you know...