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    When I view results using the gui or via the command line, in the browser(Firefox3,5) all I see is unformatted results.

    The file loaded is composite.xml

    How do I convert this to formatted html similar to as on Phoronix.

    Or ideally I'd like the results to appear like this when I click view results in the gui.

    I have searched for an answer but I am not finding any answers.
    Sorry if I'm missing something simple.

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    Hmmm? Can you take a screenshot? It might not be loading the XSL stylesheet, but when opening composite.xml you should be all set. Do you have any like tightened Firefox settings or anything?
    Michael Larabel


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      Hi Thanks

      I'm almost too embarrassed to reply.

      Noscript was the problem.

      Every now and then I start to doubt I'm an idiot, but not for long