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universe-x and native versus displayed

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  • universe-x and native versus displayed

    I updated to the newest 2.4b1 image from the phorogit last night... then rebuilt everything and ran.

    I have an ATI 5870 and a dual display with the main display being 1920x1080. I disabled the secondary monitor and set the main monitor to 1280x1024... then ran universe-x and uploaded the results. OOPS... I didn't notice that most of the tests didn't run.

    I reset the display to 1920x1080 and re-ran. Everything ran that should have run... all at the 1920x1080. (I uploaded those results also... they are not bad... I'm using 9.12hotfix catalyst.)

    Then I reset it to 1280x1024 and re-ran gaming-free... verified that it failed...

    So then I did a "system-info" and Phoronix told me I had a 1920x1080 screen even though I had specifically set the screen to 1280x1024 for the test. Apparently system-info is now reading the native monitor resolution and not the current screen resolution. (At least that is what I'm guessing.)

    SIDE NOTE: I also noticed that vdrift ran in a window for the first test iteration. Then it ran full screen for the rest of the iterations.

    BTW: Things are looking very good in Phoronix! Thanks for the hard work! Can't wait to try some windows tests.
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    If you put it back to 1280 x 1024 again, try running:

    NO_PHODEVI_CACHE=1 ./phoronix-test-suite system-info

    Phodevi, the Phoronix Device Interface, may be caching your screen resolution data until a reboot is made since it's assuming not many people end up changing their screen resolution in between runs. The NO_PHODEVI_CACHE environmental variable will block Phodevi from using any cached values.

    Michael Larabel


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      That was it...

      Thanks. Basically the same results as the older version of Phoronix. (For the universe-x...)

      Although warsow ran this time. Nice.