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running test suite on local network with no internet

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    Originally posted by ffrommel View Post
    Thank you for the quick response.

    In my first try I put the URL http://IP_SERVER/remote_folder/file1 in the download.xml file but it failed because apparently before use the URL checks if there is internet conectivity, although the host would be reached because is a local PC in a LAN.

    Maybe I can leave download.xml empty and just use wget (actually an equivalent command because I am on Windows) in the install script.

    The download.xml url path can just contain the filename plus MD5/SHA256 if you want it to get automatically picked up from a download-cache location without having to copy it manually into a particular test install directory.
    Michael Larabel


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      OK, I see. I generated MD5 and SHA256 numbers using online generator and added these lines to the downloads.xml but the test faile to install because of Internet connectivity. Again, Internet access is no needed to reach the HTTP server.

      Here is a fragment of the downloads.xml file syntax's (I couldn't attached files):

      <SHA256>417C903C1C0A49EDF3C155790CA2429AD7913B4B92 CC980FBD2E255EDE903380</SHA256>

      Thank you.