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  • PTS 2.0 Review

    Check out the review I done for Int. Linux magazine. The article is published in the latest (nov 09) issue. Have fun reading

    Linuxforyou :

    Please keep the comments and suggestion coming Hope you like it

    Download pdf :

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    What a wonderful read. Thanks for the review

    In regards to your comments, with installing multiple tests at a time, I guess what you just want would be to install a suite. Did you go to "Suite" from the view menu? There you will find more of what you are after. You can also alt-click multiple tests if you just want to do it that way.

    Care to elaborate on your system memory usage reporting and the IGP memory frequency not being reported? I don't think you reported those issues before.

    In regards to notifcations while installing and running tests from the GUI, that is entirely changed with Phoronix Test Suite 2.2. It's all in place there. See that screenshot as an earlier example.

    Any other feedback is of course welcome.

    Michael Larabel