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  • They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    Phoronix: They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    ...but what about two pictures?Yes, that is an early build of a future version of the Phoronix Test Suite running natively atop Microsoft Windows 7. Of course, the Phoronix Test Suite already runs atop OpenSolaris, *BSD, and Mac OS X too.How come? How will this benefit the Linux community? It will all be answered shortly, but for now you can chime in with your thoughts or ideas in the forums...

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    You really have to stop using that Win 7 skin on your linux destop Michael, it's just wrong.


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      Will it be faster on Windows ? lol

      I hope not.


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        So when can we expect first Win7 vs Fedora (Ubuntu) vs Snow Leopard benchmarks?


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          Most importantly, we all want to see what are you hiding in that recycle bin

          I think somoone donated a Windows 7 copy to michael... and I think I understood who :P
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            Very interested to see the results.

            I regularly need to performance test Windows against Linux/UNIX for crypto speed and 3D rendering speeds for various clients. Access to PTS will make this a whole lot easier.


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              Reasons for this are obvious. It makes linux win :-). If windows is better on some benchmarks, developers will dig in and figure out why and improve linux. If linux wins, well, then people will use it :-).

              Objective benchmarks that are meaningful will drive development. And Windows will have a harder time keeping up, maybe.

              What this will do is create a fiercer competition between the OS's, and the end users will benefit.


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                What a shit KDE4 theme.


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                  I'm somewhat interested to see how the Nvidia propietary drivers score on Win7 vs. Linux. The recent interview suggested that they share 90+% of their code between platforms, and I'd love to see how well that actually is working for Nvidia with respect to cross-platform performance (and if there's any inherent bottlenecks in X or Windows).

                  I've seen Wine benchmarks in the past that suggest that Wine+Linux can actually run windows applications faster than windows itself (I believe it was some of Anandtech's recent coverage, might've been TechReport). I could see using PTS to comparatively benchmark a few windows game demos against Wine+Demos in PTS (or full versions of the game if there's legal issues running benchmarks on demo versions of said games).
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                    OH my Gosh! Let's see how win 7 will badly do on PTS against linux performance.