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Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic

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  • Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic

    Phoronix: Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic

    There's the Phoronix Test Suite, Phoronix Global, and PTS Desktop Live as our family of free software products to provide extensive benchmarking and automated testing capabilities atop Linux, OpenSolaris, BSD, and Mac OS X operating systems. The Phoronix Test Suite has more than 120 test profiles and 50 test suites with new suites and tests continuing to come in through its extensible architecture, but for organizations with multiple test systems or entire testing farm(s) devoted to performance monitoring and regression tracking, they have had to strap the Phoronix Test Suite atop their own management systems or hack away at simple scripts to deploy our testing software across an array of systems. Today though we are announcing the public beta launch of Phoromatic. Phoromatic is a remote test management system that allows controlling any number of PTS-powered systems through a single web-based interface, which also allows all of the test results to be viewed from a central source. This article provides a first-look and guide for some of the possibilities of Phoromatic from those looking to build a benchmarking test farm or for individuals simply wanting to benchmark computers across the world. We also share in this article what may be coming next to our Linux-focused benchmarking empire.

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    I wanna suggest taking these screenshots as png. No doubt you know that it's lossless and the filesize considering it's text and graphs will go down compared to these jpgs.

    I said this before and some smart-ass told me to get a hike. Let's see him again


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      a possible bug (just recognized via screenshot, perhaps isn't one...):
      seeems like there are problems with detecting the xorg-driver (or at least presenting it via the webinterface). see here ( )
      display driver of the system with a nvidia inside doesn't have a "driver" entry. a bug? (same here: no entry for a nvidia-driver, just shown on opengl...)


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        Regenwald: It's known and not really a bug. fglrx and the DRI drivers report their version numbers through a nicer way where NVIDIA does not and just tags it along their OpenGL line. So since it's reported under OpenGL, it's already there, although it could be split up I suppose.
        Michael Larabel