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  • Phoromatic news ?

    I now that devs are working hard for bardu release, but personally I am very interested in the phoromatic site. I would like to launch a regression test over several machines, and this could be a great solution, instead of managing each machine individually.

    The question is : while phoromatic was initially scheduled for release on PTS 2.0, does anyone have any update ? Is it still for 2009 ? Is it in few days, weeks or more months ?

    Thank you all.

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    Hi guepe,

    The current plans are that Phoromatic will officially launch in conjunction with Phoronix Test Suite 2.2, which is coming in November or early December.

    Phoromatic has been working for months (back when 2.0 was in Alpha), but there was just come clean-ups (user-interface related mostly) and small other areas to clean up. Just a few hours of work I would say, actually. Unfortunately though, getting around to that didn't happen with my schedule, but I hope to get all of that working in November to have the basic version ready in time for the 2.2.0 release.

    So look for November

    Michael Larabel


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      Thank you very much for your quick answer !


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        Michael Larabel