Can you guys please give a thought to installing on Slackware or Slamd64?
I tried the test suite on both. I am a complete novice with it, but not with linux. I then ran 'pts install desktop-graphics'

I was asked for: libstdc++5(slackware-12.0) /ia32-libs(slamd64-12.2), which I actually think I have as aaa_elflibs32. It also wanted

openAL; Glew; freeimage; jam; scons; & boost. I can find SCons (Software Construction tool) in a slackware package. Otherwise I'm off googling for source packages. From experience, I am aware that in that number of small packages there is likely to be a major hangup with one or two obscure libs or includes without which we do not compile. This loses me a day, which I don't have atm.

Can someone who knows this better recommend me a basic set of tests for comparison purposes with fewer dependencies?