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  • Results Graph...multiple results

    I'm writing a test profile that I would like to record the compilation time of two DIFFERENT compilers on one input source. I can write two tests, one for each compiler, but I'd rather execute both in one profile. Now my problem lies when I try to record times. How do I use the timers to record the compilation time and display the results of the two compilers in a side-by-side bar graph for comparison?

    I'm just using the CLI, not the GUI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Michael,

    Right now there is unfortunately no way to handle one test profile providing multiple outputs, so your only way would be to create two test profiles or one test profile with two options and then to just create a test suite from that so they would at least plot one underneath the other. Though soon as I can think of a good way to handle multiple test outputs, I'm happy to add the support.
    Michael Larabel