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  • pts + pxe

    Can anybody help me to run PTS Desktop Live with pxe?
    I want to boot any servers from pxe server and test it with PTS Desktop Live.

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    That's no problem. I have got simple scripts to boot Kanotix / Debian Live / Ubuntu iso images via PXE.

    Loop mount the ISO to /cdrom (or change script) and run:

    For systems with 2 nics (1 to internet, 1 to switch for other pcs) or for Systems with 1 nic only - but disabled DHCP server in the router:

    If you extracted the ISO and used the 2nd script then it will work directly after reboot too. Be sure you correct the IP/NETWORK settings in the scripts or put the override data into


    Those scripts work with my system directly, others need usually changes, but should be trivial to do so. Maybe you want to add toram to the options, that would speed it up.


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      Thanks a lot but
      I can't check this script because I have centos pxe server.
      But, I have copied all CD to the pxe directory.
      mount -o loop pts-desktop-live-2009.3-x86_64.iso /cdrom
      rsync -avz /cdrom/ /opt/tftpboot/PTS/

      But I don't now what should I do with casper/filesystem.squashfs.
      As I understand filesystem.squashfs - is a root filesystem with PTS.