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An Open Letter To Tech Review Sites

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  • An Open Letter To Tech Review Sites

    Phoronix: An Open Letter To Tech Review Sites

    Have you considered embracing Linux in any of your articles? If you have, but have not acted on such thoughts, why is that? Is it the Linux learning curve? The "lack of benchmarks"? Simply the lack of resources on the part of your editors and product evaluators? After speaking with several editors from fellow publications, these seem to be most of the excuses at hand. However, at Phoronix Media, we have the solutions to these problems -- and they are free and easy to adopt. I would invite you to think how using Linux to complement your Windows testing in hardware reviews could benefit your publication by providing more thorough reviews to fulfill the needs of more readers, wooing more hardware companies with having another feature to offer, and generate additional page views from having more content.

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    If tech review sites start benchmarking on Linux, this should boost the proprietary drivers up!

    Hope it will
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      Now we can promote PTS and link to this Open Letter on other it tech/benchmarking sites.


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        I don't see the Digg button.


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          I've contacted one of the best german hardware/computer sites ( about this.


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            I digg it

            I think this is a great idea!

            And here is the digg:


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              I digg it

              I think this is an awesome idea!

              And here is the digg.


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                This is a very self-serving article. It is designed to promote this site's testing software. Quite frankly, I am absolutely sick of the poorly executed performance tests -- they don't ever illustrate anything significant and just get in the way of the actual important articles, like updates on the status of the R6/700 open source 3d initiative.

                However, from this article, I do read one thing that is kind of funny...
                Is it the Linux learning curve? The "lack of benchmarks"? Simply the lack of resources on the part of your editors and product evaluators?
                Of those 3 excuses, the second one is meaningless, and the third is grasping at straws since it takes NO resources (last I checked, Linux was free and would run on the same hardware as msevil). The first excuse is the frightening one that it is important to overcome... The only solution to the 'learning curve' excuse is to press the point that this excuse is OBSOLETE. Yes, Linux used to have a steep learning curve. But now? What do you really need to know for one of the major distros? That the application menu is typically (GNOME) at the upper left. That you just put the disk in and keep pressing "ok" until it is installed. That it installs fully working with a set of applications that will do EVERYTHING that the typical user wants to do. That the user does NOT need to spend a week hunting down drivers for every obscure chip in the box since everything is already built in.

                Last time I checked, msevil takes a LOT more effort to use... hunting down drivers, buying and installing software, weekly reinstalls due to it destroying itself or allowing malevolent software to do so, short hard disk life due to its policy of repeatedly rewriting data at the same physical location, etc.

                Now go out and spread THAT word. Forget the benchmarking, tell the world that Linux is EASY TO USE and JUST WORKS and WORKS RELIABLY and DOES EVERYTHING and IS FREE. People need to know this in order to make informed decisions.


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                  I am loving this because I hate looking at reviews for hardware and finding them all running with software I am not interested in (Vista.) At least this way there is a set standard that everyone can compare their results with.


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                    Well the prepared iso has got one huge problem: the kernel is too new to install fglrx drivers. So you can only test with intel onboard or try installing nvidia drivers. fglrx will fail till an updated driver is available. So the usefullness is restricted. Better provide extra images with different kernels till ati manages to create a new fglrx for 2.6.31. Of course i have got my own selection of iso images with PTS with any kernel which is needed