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Super Pi : Linux vs Windows ?

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    Originally posted by Jaguar07 View Post
    Did you ever go back and update any of your 16 bit code once Windows 95 released? I sure didn't. AND I'm not updating any of my 32 bit code any more either. Your mileage may vary. Heck I had to dig to find a CD that has a 32 bit of an OS on it today. I run 64 bit OSs exclusively at this point, except when testing things like this.

    Sorry but those apps were multithreaded waaaaaaaaaaaaay before 64-bit versions of the OS or APPS were even created. So your impying that they REMOVED smp code?


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      Originally posted by Jaguar07 View Post
      And the final point I have to make on this thread.

      Here's the link to the results of 32bit vs 64bit build-apache using Phoronix Test Suite.
      LMFAO again, ok so you are comparing a system with pentium pro optimizations (nothing more, no SSE, no nada) vs a kernel (32 or 64-bit ) which has special instruction set instructions? Give your head a shake.


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        See (BTW totally ass drunk but still sober enough to prove you WRONG),

        PS don't make me install 32-bit again, luckly I had the 32-bit version already built up in openSUSE's local build service with the same flags.


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          Same system, same OS, same flags. BOOOYA!

          PS. any gentoo Stage 1 or LFS user could have shown the same results.


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            Originally posted by deanjo View Post
            And yet this doesn't seem to be so.

            From wine's results in this one and on many others is obvious that if you compile the same program with the same compiler under both OSes, then Linux will be faster in almost every case and by a large gap.
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