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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Softpedia is slow as hell, had the same experience. It was usually not your wifi connection, dl speed got down to 200k (max 400k). In that time i created a new Kanotix64 iso with PTS 2.0 on my server and downloaded it with 2.5 mb/s and got my iso faster As the live image is similar to normal U all tools should work which used to work. Like unetbootin or that tool you mentioned or you are free to write your own one - that's that i did. I do not really like that way, because i prefer hybrid iso images, but as U prefers gfxboot patched syslinux/isolinux that will not happen so soon. For benchmarking i usually boot those images via network connection and with toram option. As U kernels have got a very stupid hack included that disables HPA by default i additionally need


    It would be nice when this option is added by default because it sucks when you boot U on a raid system and then all disks fail on reboot (full poweroff needed).

    Thanks again for another hyperquick reply, Kano! This time I managed to stick around....

    I didn't realize that softpedia was slow... my WiFi keeps dropping out (hardware overheating issue, I think), so I assumed that caused the connection to get dropped. I'll keep trying, worst case I'll download from a wired connection.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention... one reason I want the suite on Live USB is I want to run some fast tests at Fry's... I was over there yesterday and got VERY CONFUSED by the proliferation of different microprocessors offered by Intel. Is the Acer Timeline series ULV SU2700 faster or slower than the Sony Vaio using the Core 2 Solo? My 'guess' is the Vaio are faster, but it'd be great to run some quick basic benchmarks under the noses of the sales associates! LOL


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      OK, it took most of this morning, but I managed to download the PTS Desktop Live .iso -- passed the checksum, making the Live USB stick shortly.

      The remaining questions are: Should I -- and do I have permission to -- distribute it as a .torrent? Is there any interest? My upload speed is probably a lot slower than Softpedia's download speed, so maybe it's not a good idea....


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        You're welcome to provide torrents as long as it's a valid checksum.
        Michael Larabel


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          Originally posted by Michael View Post
          You're welcome to provide torrents as long as it's a valid checksum.
          Thank you!


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            Rapidshare links for PTS Live CD 2009.03

            Upon reflection, I decided against starting a PTS Live CD torrent. My upload speed isn't very high, and my PC isn't kept on all the time. It would probably be more frustrating to get it off an intermittent torrent than Softpedia, and I'd be afraid that people would just give up on it.

            Instead, I broke apart the .iso file into 6 .rar files and uploaded them to


            There is no password, and any RAR utility should be able to reconstruct the original .iso file.

            If the 15 min. wait between free downloads imposed by Rapidshare becomes too onerous, you could purchase a premium account. You could also help me by clicking on this link to buy the premium account, though this is not absolutely necessary.

            I think that even with the 15 min. wait between free downloads, you should be able to get all of the parts in about two hours if you have a fast Internet connection. That's about half the time it took me to get the file from Softpedia. ymmv.


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              after booting PTS Live Desktop, i can't see a graphic desktop, just "Gernlinden login: on tty1". What is the login and password ?


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                up up up up


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                  borisk: what hardware are you using? Sounds like a hardware problem, it shouldn't do that. And the password is randomly generated.
                  Michael Larabel


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                    zotac ionitx-d-e


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                      For those pining for a torrent, I've uploaded one to Mininova here:

                      I'll leave my machines on for as long as I can, which would be pretty long - easily twelve to eighteen hours.