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  • Phoronix Docker Image

    Hello everyone,

    I have used successfully PTS on a RPi 4 (arm architecture) and now I want to deploy it again only using the docker image.

    I have noticed that the provided image phoronix/pts:latest is based for a amd64 architecture.

    I guess this could lead to problems. Which is why I want to adjust the file. Hence, I took a look at the git repository and found the folder deploy/docker/.

    There is only one file there and I cannot see any references on the architecture.

    My question is: what do I need to change in the docker image in order to make PTS work efficiently on a arm arcitecture?

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    No idea as I don't use Docker that much, but presumably need to add like ubuntu:aarch64 in the Docker file or something like
    Michael Larabel