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Stress Testing CPU and GPU - not enough power!!

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  • Stress Testing CPU and GPU - not enough power!!

    I want to stress Test my CPU and GPU, but am currently limited by the tests not beeing demanding enough.

    My setup:
    • Intel Xeon 11xxx, Quadro RTX 5000, nvme SSD
    • Ubuntu installation, mainly without a dedicated display.

    My problems are the following:
    • Running GPU Tests without a dedicated display is nearly impossible using pts.
      • Only Tests i found working and generating a bit of power usage: xsbench-cl, and lulesh
    • Running both CPU and GPU Stress in parallel is not generating enough power usage on the GPU.
    I can use the following non pts command on lulesh to make the gpu run under full load:
    ./lulesh -s 256 -c 10 -i 200
    But if I run the following:
    PTS_CONCURRENT_TEST_RUNS=20 TOTAL_LOOP_TIME=30 phoronix-test-suite stress-run lulesh-cl xsbench xsbench-cl
    I can only utilize the gpu to 30-40%.

    If i connect a display to the device, use startx to start the display server i though i might be able to run unigine: The machine is only accessible via ssh right now. If necessary usb and keyboard can be directly connected, but it is not desired.
    DISPLAY=:0.0 phoronix-test-suite benchmark unigine-heaven
    i get the following error:
     The test run did not produce a result.
    Can somebody help me out here?
    Either recommend a good test to run on the gpu or adjusting the options/commands i used.

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    Those particular GPU tests are rather crappy / old... gromacs v-ray luxcorerender and others are more real-world, demanding, and don't require display.
    Michael Larabel


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      Gromacs sounds interesting.
      But how can i run the latest gromacs with a gpu profile?
      Or should i keep using gromacs-gpu?