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Which are the main benchmark for test CPU-RAM-GPU-Disk speed ?

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  • Which are the main benchmark for test CPU-RAM-GPU-Disk speed ?

    Thanks very much for read that topic.
    I am new in Phoronix Test Suite.
    Seeing details information about ubuntu nvidia driver had an link to help the ppa driver downloading Phoronix Suite.
    Thus I had downloaded, but I see some details doing an long time to choice which corrects test to choice.

    I want known which are the good main tests to benchmark :
    - CPU interger and floating point.
    - RAM speed.
    - GPU OpenGL and Vulkan.
    - Disk written and read.

    The test list is big.

    I have another question
    I have downloaded some tests that was downloaded the test files for both Linux and Windows

    If I use Linux because are downloaded files for both OS ? The windows file inside are dll and exe not being compatible with Linux.
    Is required both files ? Is possible install an test not having the windows version ?

    Thanks very much for reply.

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    Not any information ?
    Where get information about which are the main benchmarks for install in PTS ?


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      Take a look at any review for CPU / RAM / GPU for getting an idea of interesting benchmarks for a given type of component. With there being hundreds of different benchmarks in total to span many different use-cases, short of the user being interested in a particular program/workload from the start, there isn't much formal guidance as it largely depends upon many factors. But if looking at reviews they tend to feature the benchmarks I find most useful for a given type of product/category of the review.
      Michael Larabel


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        I have the same kind of question. I just want a quick CPU/GPU and RAM test, not taking to long just to compare some Computers. On the benchmark section there are so many possibilities I just don't know what to choose.

        And I can't find any useful information on the website.


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          Hi guys,
          I agree its not clear what the best test are to run!

          three ways

          1. look at a recent review of an OS/hardware/etc and see what tests were used

          2. on this page sort all tests by popularity
, Phoronix Test Suite, Linux benchmarking, automated benchmarking, benchmarking results, benchmarking repository, open source benchmarking, benchmarking test profiles

          3. this command lists some "recommended" tests although not sure I agree with the listed recommendations
          phoronix-test-suite list-recommended-tests