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Pbzip2 1.0.5 mirror links dead

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  • Pbzip2 1.0.5 mirror links dead

    Heyo! Looks like the mirrors for the “generic test” to run against mentioned in the GitHub instructions are both no longer valid.

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    Ok so looks like I can’t edit my post on mobile. Dang. Oh well! Looks like I have also run into an error with the x264 benchmark

    Test Installation 3 of 17
    2 Files Needed [349 MB / 4 Minutes]
    Downloading: x264-snaps... [0.51MB]
    Estimated Download Time: 1m .........
    Downloading: soccer_4cif... [349MB]
    Estimated Download Time: 5m .........
    Approximate Install Size: 353 MB
    Estimated Install Time: 1 Minute, 31 Seconds
    Installing Test @ 00:41:11
    The installer exited with a non-zero exit status.
    ERROR: x264.c:353:30: error: ‘av_pix_fmt_descriptors’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘av_pix_fmt_desc_get_id’?
    LOG: ~/.phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests/pts/x264-1.3.1/install-failed.log


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      Crap this not being able to edit thing sucks.

      Anyway, running Raspberry Pi OS/Debian sid hybrid on a Raspberry Pi 2B (armv7) with gcc as the default compiler. In case that helps. I guess I can open an issue on GitHub also but figured I would start here xD